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We are dedicated to providing a quality service of care, for your child(ren) ensuring we supply a safe, fun and caring environment for all; with a balance of fun and learning activities.

Each child will be treated and respected as an individual, with the aim of meeting their personal needs being our main prioirty.

We are devoted to helping each child develop both academically and personally with our trained and experienced team of staff 
(Meet the team here!).


We have been chosen by many parents for over 10 years, as their preferred choice for their child(ren) first steps; with a respectable reputation within the West Midlands region.


We have a fantastic range of facilities at our dispense that cater for every child's development; from a cosy corner, our very own library or a safe and spacious outdoor area. We allow the children to have their own 'free time' but we also have scheudled activities set on a daily basis to encourage interaction and social bonding.

Want to know more?

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0121 544 1000

Ofsted rated us Good pushing Outstanding!

          Day Nursery & Pre-School

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